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Install Norton Security with Product Key

Install Norton Security with Product Key – The rising technology has resulted in various brands of antivirus application and Norton software is one among all those. It has been known as the most effective antivirus tool for OS based on windows.

Norton Security is created essentially to protect home and business users from malware and other threats. Norton’s Protection System stars various levels of malware defense, along with web browser protection for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, an Intrusion Prevention Tool, Antibot protection to block the malicious conquest, and a system recovery feature for invalidating any harm from infections that do slide through Norton’s protection.

How does Norton AntiVirus do its work?


Several applications look for virus using a database of recognized virus definitions (also known as signatures). These signatures reveal what the virus does and how to identify it. If Norton security software discovers a file that matches the virus signature, it will flag it as a possible virus. This is an excellent way to eliminate known menaces, but it does need periodic updates to make sure the Norton security software does not miss out on recently created viruses.


Another method with which Norton antivirus detects malicious files is a kind of analysis named as heuristics. An option to database scan, heuristic analysis lets Norton antivirus program to identify perils that were not previously known. Heuristics recognizes viruses by behaviors and characteristics, rather than matching against a list of known malware.


Another method which Norton Antivirus software can detect viruses is by running an application it speculates to be harmful in a sandbox, which is a safe space on the PC. The app thinks it has complete access to the PC when, in reality, it is running in a confined space while the Norton AntiVirus observes its behavior.

Steps to Install Norton Security with product key

1. When the Norton executable setup file is completely downloaded, file extraction begins automatically.
2. However, despite the file extraction process being automated, sometimes users may have to do it manually.
3. Double click on the executable setup file by heading to the default download folder.
4. File extraction will start. It will take some time.
5. Click on I agree in the Terms Agreement prompt.
6. Click on the Install button.
7. Symantec always recommends that consumers choose the default installation process option.
8. Click on the Next button.
9. Wait for the installation to complete.

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